Photographer Now in Town Offers Strong, Affordable, Artistic Images

Jennifer Heflin Website visitors spend about 40 percent of their time looking at the images selected to represent the profiled person or business. Good images, like the one shown here, not only cut through the noise, they are what customers use to find you.

Photographer Jenn Heflin specializes in taking photos to help clients and businesses communicate who they are and what they do. "People deserve to have strong images representing themselves in the world, and it’s more affordable than you think," Heflin said.

Heflin developed her photographic eye as a marketing manager in the arts, non-profit and tech spaces, where she captured CEOs, clients and events to communicate to audiences their significance in the marketplace.

"I use my marketing experience to advise clients on how best to use images to further their commercial and professional goals," she said. Learn more about Heflin’s services at or by calling (415) 312-7789.