PG&E to Begin Meter Inspection

PG&E to Begin Meter Inspection


Last Monday, May 2, Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) staff and contractors began performing routine gas meter inspections in East Bay cities, including Alameda. They are on duty Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on foot, carrying mobile tablets. They are wearing a hard hats, safety vests and carry photo identification, which they will present upon request.

If a person claiming to be a PG&E employee or contractor shows you his or her identification and you still feel uncomfortable, call PG&E’s customer service line at 800-743-5000 to verify that person. PG&E employees and contractors will not enter your home during these inspections. 

During inspections, customers may see a PG&E employee or contractor on or near their properties as they access the gas meter. This work will not affect gas service. In the event a meter cannot be accessed, PG&E will schedule a visit and inspect the meter on a future date. Inspectors may repair or replace gas meters as needed during their inspections or on a future date.

Customers who have an appointment with PG&E will receive an automated call back within 48 hours prior to a scheduled visit, or a personal call from a PG&E gas service representative prior to a scheduled visit. 

These inspections will conclude in July, barring unforeseen delays like inclement weather.