Shelly Gable shares a moment with Synta, her eight-year-old Yorkie. Synta slipped under Gable’s gate and went exploring. The pair were reunited thanks to Synta’s license and micro-chip.

If you have a dog or cat in your family, you have no doubt heard much about the importance of licensing your pet. The messages appear in countless publications, over the radio, on television and, of course, on the Internet.

As if a place could have something against puppies, a new report is out showing California as the most "Puppy Loving" state in the Union according to the Milk-Bone Doggy Love Index for Valentine’s Day.

Big Heart Pet Brands, the makers of Milk Bone and other pet treats, surveyed 3,000 dog parents to determine how regularly they engage in loving behaviors with their dogs. Californians apparently ranked the highest in this regard.

Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) kicked off Valentine’s Day early on Sunday, Feb. 1 when one very special dog named Zero met his new family for the first time. Now one might think that with a name like Zero, he did not have much of a chance, but actually he was named in honor of Jack Skellington’s beloved dog in the movie Nightmare Before Christmas because he came to FAAS right before the holidays.

Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) assumed responsibility for the Alameda Animal Shelter on Jan. 1, 2012. In its first three years, FAAS has made great progress toward its goal of making the shelter a safe haven for homeless animals and a resource to the community. During this past year, a newly adopted strategic plan helped set specific goals. Here are some highlights of FAAS’ accomplishments this past year:

Baloo charmed his way into FAAS volunteers’ hearts and recently found a new home.

More than 60 animals will wake up at the Alameda Animal Shelter on Christmas morning without families to call their own. Everyone at Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS), from the board of directors and staff to our more than 150 volunteers, is committed to providing the very best care possible for every stray and abandoned pet that arrives on our doorstep, but there’s no substitute for a loving home.