The summer months can be uncomfortable — even dangerous — for pets. To keep pets safe and cool this summer follow these helpful tips.

Given the recent news stories and statewide mandates, you have no doubt heard how the drought is affecting our community. You may be less aware of the ways it can impact our pets.

With little frost to mitigate their reproduction and rain to wash them away, fleas are now in greater abundance. Fleas are not only annoying but pose serious health risks to pets if left untreated. Monthly flea treatments are more important than ever along with regular bathing to ensure your pet’s health.

Dear Flora: 

My name is Betty Beagle, and my guardian is a really good guy.  I gotta say, I don’t know why, but when we are out for a walk, he sometimes places his foot on my back near my tail, pushes down with his foot, and says “Sit, sit, sit!” while he’s doing it! 

Dear Flora:

I get very agitated when I see another dog coming towards me. I bark, lunge and pull on my leash. I’m normally calm and even-tempered, but this is like something from the exorcist! I don’t know if I need a priest or Prozac, but something is wrong! What should I do?


Lungely Barkmore


Dear Lungely:

News from the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter

In the two years since FAAS started the Angel Fund to pay for life-saving medical care for critically injured and ill animals, it has helped save the lives of more than 80 abandoned pets, six of which are currently undergoing treatment.