Parks Ride Draws 100s of Cyclists

Maurice Ramirez Photography &nbsp&nbsp Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft enjoyed the ride down Shoreline Drive as a participant in last weekend’s Ride for the Parks.

Parks Ride Draws 100s of Cyclists

The fourth annual Alameda Bike for the Parks (AB4P) event took place Saturday, Sept. 28. This year’s event exceeded last year’s ride total with more than 600 local cyclists participating to raise money for Alameda parks.  

There were two ride options: an eight-mile kid’s ride and the 25-mile route around the perimeter of the city. Registration for the event began at 8 a.m. at Washington Park, 740 Central Ave. Both rides began at 9 a.m. and an after party was held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Unlike most charity bike rides, AB4P is geared towards novice cyclists and kids. The entire route was staffed with volunteers, and included four rest stops stocked with snacks and water.  

The rides were only part of the day’s events. The pre-ride festivities included judging of Team Challenge participants, organizations that rode together and decorated themselves and their bikes to win Team Flair. The after-party featured a free lunch for ride participants and free activities open to the public. There were also kid-friendly activities such as jumpers, a bike rodeo and more. Specialized bicycles offered patrons demo eBikes to ride.

Alameda Bicycle, an organizing founder of the event, celebrated its 50th anniversary by hosting free beer and ice cream and a raffle.

AB4P donates 100 percent of the proceeds to Alameda Friends of the Parks, a non-profit organization that promotes recreation and park activities in Alameda. AB4P is organized by an all-volunteer staff from community groups such as Alameda Bicycle, Rotary Club of Alameda, Team Alameda, Lars Hansson CPA and more. The City of Alameda and Alameda Recreation and Parks Department staff supported the event.

Ride Alameda!
Gene Kahane

Ride your rides smart and fast,
Call out to others as 
you zoom past,
Use the lanes, mind your speed,
Feed your soul what it needs,
Haul the kids, shop and roam,
Bike to school, to work, then home,
Fill your baskets with books
and flowers,
Where you travel is all your power;
We pedal today for the parks,
The geese, the squirrels,
The worms and larks,
Breathe the air,
Sing out loud,
Ride hard, 
Ride safe, 
Ride joy,
Ride proud. 


Gene Kahane, one of Alameda’s poets laureate, read this poem before the Ride for the Parks began.