Parking Ban Causes Headache in Town

Courtesy photo    Oversized equipment parked on St. Charles Street next to the Mastick Senior Center took coveted parking spaces away from neighbors starting last Thursday.


Martinez-based MCK Services, Inc. has a contract with the city to pave Lincoln Avenue. As the work progresses, the company needs to leave its heavy equipment overnight where that equipment is readily available the next morning. 

The neighbors on St. Charles Street and those living on neighboring streets wonder how MCK got permission to park on St. Charles Street 24-hours a day, including a weekend. 

MCK applied to the city and got permission to take almost the entire western side of St. Charles between Santa Clara and Lincoln avenues. The city granted that permission and sent workers out to post signs. 

The neighbors say that they were never given notice or if they were, thez notice was spotty at best. The signs gave permission for MCK to park on the block Thursday, Oct. 27; Friday, Oct. 28; Monday, Oct. 30 and Tuesday, Oct. 31. 

However, the neighbors said that — despite the dates on the signs — MCK left its oversized vehicles on the street over the weekend. The neighbors were not notified — nor did the parking signs state — that the vehicles would take up parking spaces on Saturday, Oct. 27, and Sunday, Oct. 28. 

During the week, residents drive their cars to work, leaving fewer cars on the street and more places to park. Parking dynamics change over the weekend. Those same residents are home, and so are their cars.