Park Street Hotel Plan up for Review

City of Alameda    If all goes as planned a Holiday Inn Express will stand at Park Street and Clement Avenue as part of the North Park Street Gateway District.

Last Monday, the Planning Board held a public hearing  to consider the revised plans for the construction of a four-story, 96-room Holiday Inn Express at 1825 Park St., on the southwest corner of Park Street and Clement Avenue. The site once housed the Ron Goode Toyota dealership, which changed hands and moved to Oakland in 2008. Scooter Importer currently occupies the site. 

The exit of Ron Goode spelled the end of a viable Auto Row, which had existed for 78 years on Park Street — since 1930, when Frank Dietz opened Dietz Motors in the building that morphed into today’s Marketplace at Buena Vista Avenue. Over the years dealers included Morris-Landy Ford — each car this dealership sold sported a license-plate frame that said, “Another Dandy from Morris-Landy.” Harvey Motors sold Ramblers. Motorists could drive off the lot in a new Pontiac from Lee Adams, kick the tires on a new Ford at Winner Ford and test drive a Chevy at John Francis Buono’s Good Chevrolet.

In 2013 — five years after Ron Goode’s Toyota departed — the City Council rezoned the area along Park Street north of Lincoln Avenue as the North Park Street Gateway District. The city has been looking for a way to facilitate redevelopment of what the city calls “obsolete auto row properties” into a “vibrant commercial gateway into Alameda.”

On Oct. 26, 2017, Ganesha LLC, submitted a design-review application for its Holiday Inn Express. Five months later on March 26, 2018, the Planning Board held a study session about the property. The board told Ganesha that it supported the building’s Streamline Moderne design, which staff says “provides an important architectural focal point for traffic entering Alameda.” 

At the 2018 meeting the Planning Board required the applicant’s architect, HGRA Architects, to revise certain aspects of the plan. These revisions included: dressing the building in lighter earth-tone colors, adding trees to the property and transforming Ron Goode’s driveways into safe, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, a change that would eliminate two driveways on Park Street and two more on Clement.

The city will require the hotel to provide each hotel employee with a complimentary AC Transit EasyPass. In addition, the new hotel must offer 24-hour complimentary carpool rideshare services, such as Lyft or Uber, to transport hotel guests to and from: Oakland International Airport, South Shore Center, Fruitvale BART, Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal, Alameda Landing, Main Street Ferry terminal, as well as other destinations within a three-mile radius from the hotel.

Ganesha LLC will also provide four enclosed, long-term bicycle parking spaces and four short-term bicycle parking spaces adjacent to the hotel’s main entrance. 

Genesha returned to the Planning Board on Monday with its revised plan.