Park District Seeks Input on New Plans

Park District Seeks Input on New Plans

Dennis Evanosky

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) recent¬ly announced that it is seek¬ing community input on its new master plan. The devel¬opment includes a design for the area surrounding the Crab Cove Visitor Center on McKay Avenue. The plans involve the 3.89-acre park expansion area across McKay from the center,.

“Crab Cove Visitor Center is the interpretive hub of Crown Beach,” EBRPD states in its preliminary master plan. The district has developed some ideas based on preliminary study of the site, anticipated recreational needs and sea level rise projections.

Despite the COVID-19 pan¬demic the area around Crab Cove Visitor Center continues to provide a much-needed out¬door space for smaller groups to walk, picnic or sit along the beach. “The Master Plan will provide a vision for park improvements that enhances these popular and important uses, while also considering how the site will be impacted by rising sea levels and climate change,” EBRPD stated in the preliminary master plan.

The district stated that the final master plan will “provide the design vision for the future of the site, as well as concep¬tual drawings illustrating the design accompanied by an anticipated cost estimate and proposed phasing and imple¬mentation plan.”

The park distrct has not yet determined the timeline for full implementation of this new plan.

The park district is currently reaching out to neighbors and park users to provide input on the project. The district will incorporate this feedback into the site design and present it in the project materials.

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