Parcel Tax Exemption Deadline

Parcel Tax Exemption Deadline

Sun Staff Reports
The deadline to file for an exemption from the Alameda Unified School District’s Measure A parcel tax is next Monday, June 30. Under the terms of the ballot measure, the school district can grant two types of exemptions:

n Senior citizen exemption: The applicant must turn 65 years old on or before June 30, 2015, and own and occupy his/her property as a primary residence.

n Supplemental Security Income (SSI) exemption: The applicant must receive SSI and own and occupy his/her property as a primary residence.

If you received the Senior Citizen or SSI Exemption in 2013-2014 and are still the homeowner and currently reside at the same address, you do not need to renew your tax exemption; it will renew automatically. If you sold your home and purchased a new home, however, you must re-file for a senior citizen or SSI exemption for the new property.

The Measure A parcel tax rate is .32 per building square foot with a maximum rate of $7,999. Revenues raised by Measure A help fund the educational programs and activities specified in the ballot text.

These include small class sizes, neighborhood schools, enrichment classes (such as art, drama, and music), high school athletics and AP classes, technology, and innovative and magnet programs.