Out and About: Reduce Separation Anxiety

Courtesy photo -- Your dog is already looking forward to the next walk.

One of the simplest and best ways to help reduce your dog’s separation anxiety is to go out and about to any of several dog-friendly places in Alameda. Getting out for a day with the dogs is also a great way to get in extra exercise and enjoy those furry friends. There are a few specific activities, but there are also important rules to remember when on the town with Fido.

Places to visit together
Alameda has specific places that welcome and encourage dogs to visit. The Alameda Dog Park (1302 Eighth St.) is a fenced area that includes space for both small and large dogs. Water is provided, and there are always other dogs with which to play. Booths, bushes and trees adorn the grounds, giving dogs plenty of new places to sniff or tag. 

Faction Brewery (2501 Monarch St.) offers Bootleg Biscuits for furry friends and holds a number of events throughout the year. Owners can enjoy beers on tap, terrific food and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for both them and their dogs.

Rules to remember
Having a great time on the town with the dog is terrific, but there are some rules that apply. As long as owners remember to abide by the rules, there will be few issues with local law enforcement. 

  • All dogs must be licensed if they live in the city. 
  • Owners must keep dogs on leashes.
  • Dogs are never allowed on beaches. 
  • Dogs are allowed in all city parks, as long as they are controlled by a leash.
  • Do not allow dogs to interact with wildlife, which may carry dangerous diseases.
  • The city of Alameda allows just three dogs per household.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated for rabies, even visiting pups. It is wise to bring proof of vaccination whenever traveling with a dog. 
  • Cleaning up after the dog is a must, especially in the dog park and in all public places. 
  • Finally, there are rules against excessive barking in Alameda. An officer must witness the barking for 10 consecutive minutes, then may issue a citation. 

These simple rules help protect the dog and any human who may come into contact with the animal.

Going out and about with your dog in Alameda is fun and healthy. Abide by the law to make sure everyone stays safe, and enjoy a full day bonding with your pet.


Jane Sandwood is a freelance writer, editor and dog owner.