Otis, Grand Intersection Reworked

Maurice Ramirez Photography

Otis, Grand Intersection Reworked

Construction is underway at Grand Street and Otis Drive, an intersection notable for lack of pedestrain safety. The new configuration limits traffic to one lane in each direction. The city identified Otis Drive, between Westline Drive and Willow Street (1 mile), as a high priority for traffic safety improvements last year. Ask questions about the project by phone at (510) 747-7972 or email at rvance@ alamedaca.gov.



Two things irk me about this project. First, it appears the Island supports bike lanes around each corner. The problem as I see it is to cross the intersection, the rider is funneled into the crosswalk. As I understand it, it is not legal to ride your bike in a crosswalk. Does this mean bicyclists have to dismount and walk across? If so, what an example of poor planning. Auto traffic is already bottlenecking in the funnels, driving west on Otis. I had to wait an entire light cycle as the first car at the intersection was trying to turn left but could not. My lane could not move as a result. This doesn’t feel like progress.