Otis Classes Join Bioma Project

Otis Classes Join Bioma Project

Two fourth-grade classrooms at Otis Elementary School have agreed to take part in The Bioma Project. “Developed by students for students,” the project was created in Maryland by several high school students who decided to help develop the next generation of environmental leaders. The project starts to teach about sustainability and conservationism in a student’s elementary school education.

The students developed curriculum around freshwater ecosystems and all the native species that populate them. The students set up aquaculture labs in the classroom using a variety of technological techniques including virtual reality to learn about the ecosystems, the species’ interactions and how to keep everything healthy and thriving in a lab environment.

The Bioma Project has spread throughout schools in the Maryland and Washington D.C. area, and the founders are now looking to spread across the United States. Otis is the first school to implement the project beyond the East Coast.

The project kicked off last week with a classroom Zoom call with the founder in Maryland. He explained the intent of the project to the students and answered their questions. 

The Otis school community aims to spread the project throughout Alameda and around the Bay Area and ultimately around the country. Every area has its own native species to study, so there’s lots more learning to be done as the project scales up.

For more information, see www.biomaproject.org.