One More Love Letter to Sun Subscribers

One More Love Letter to Sun Subscribers


This may mark the last of these weekly thank you letters on this page as we convert this to a weekly standing feature somewhere else. It’s just we want to return the space on this page to the community, so we can print more of their letters. 

This week I’d like to say a special thank you to the subscribers who went above and beyond to send in an additional contribution to our mission. These include: Weezie Mott of Weezie Mott’s Cooking School,  Nano Scale Surface System, Inc., Lil & Norma Arnerich, Kurt & Janet Libby, Jamie Bartlett, Ron & Alison Limoges, Steven & Marjorie Garner, Robert & Jerrilyn Kaplan, Ken & Catherine Cameron, Donald & Carol Brown, Annette Rossi, Leslie Walsh, Pauline Zazulak, Gabrielle Dolphin & Alan Pryor, Judy Jacobs, Leslie Hood, Kim & Dale Arrivee, Fred Eihl, Helen Sause, Judith Lynch, Denise Gasti & Cheryl Saxton, Julie Kennedy, James & Linda Gilchrist, Susan Jeffries, Pamela Curtis, Carol & Robert Chamberlin, Bruce Johnson, Rose Anne White, Anthony E. Atases, Devonnie Gilmore, Barbara Hoepner, Sally Rix, Jeanne Allen, Gary & Lola Brown and Andrew & Elise Hall.

The subscribers who contributed since last week’s writing include: Donald & Barbara Ihling, Harlan & Ann Richter, Dexter & Cinda Sullivan, Dorie & Herb Behrstock, Barbara Hoepner, Christine Buck and Dirk Vanderlaan. We’d also like to thank: Eileen & Robert Des Meules, Sally Rix, Jeng & Shin Tsai, Jim Hager, Charles Heget, Linda Byrd, Patricia Colburn, Jeanne Allen and Laurine & Renell Middlecamp. John & Patty Jacobs subscribed along with the Bank of Marin, Kenneth & Jean Smith, Deborah & Allen Nelson, William Golden, Timothy & Mabel Keegan, Rosemarie Delahaye and Andrew & Elise Hall. We appreciate each and every one of you! 

Finally I’d like to acknowledge and thank John, Daisy, Carlos and everyone at ABC Direct, Inc. who do the tireless and often thankless work of delivering our newspaper. Without them, our paper just simply could not function.

In addition to the checks of support were the following letters.

Dear publishers and staff, interns and contributors:
Your work for a weekly newspaper should be celebrated. The community is grateful to the Alameda Sun for its efforts to bring news, letters to the editor, events and Island history to local residents.
In appreciation,
— Herb & Dorie Behrstock

Alameda Sun:
Needless to say, we love your paper! Please keep up the excellent work. Alameda Women’s Golf Club member, 88 years old.
— Bobbie Hoepner

Dear Eric:
Thank you for the Alameda Sun.

We look forward to our local newspaper every Thursday. The paper is always welcome and quickly read to find out what’s happening in our favorite city.

Some time ago, Dennis presented a program to a group with whom we’re associated. He gave so much information about the history of Alameda, showing the growth and development over the years. We are fortunate to have both of you and appreciate your love and concern for Alameda.

Please keep the Alameda Sun operating. It’s a gem!
— Gary & Lola Brown