Olympian Rows for the Gold

Olympian Rows for the Gold


The U.S. Olympic men’s eight rowing team was unable to qualify for the rowing final after its preliminary race Monday, Aug. 8. However, the team was given a reprieve in the repéchage race yesterday, Aug. 10.

In Olympic format, the winner of the two heats automatically qualify for the final race, which will take place on Sunday, Aug. 13, while the other teams compete in the repéchage for a chance to compete in the final. 

The U.S. team competed in Heat 2. The U.S. drew the heat with the 2012 men’s eight gold medalist team Germany. 

Germany finished the two-kilometer race in 5:38.22. U.S. finished in second place at 5:40.16. Poland came in third at 5:42.32. Great Britain won Heat 1 with a time of 5:34.23. Germany and Great Britain advanced to the final. U.S. and four other teams (Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy and Poland) will race in the repéchage. The top three teams advance to the final.

The U.S. team is comprised of coxswain Sam Ojserkis and rowers: Austin Hack, Rob Munn, Mike Di Santo, Steve Kasprzyk, Glenn Ochal, Alex Karwoski, Alameda resident Hans Struzyna and Sam Dommer.

The rowing competition is taking place at Lagoa Stadium.