Oddie Won’t Seek Legal Fees

Today I notified Alameda City Manager Eric Levitt that I am withdrawing my request that the City reimburse legal fees I had incurred responding to allegations made by the former city manager. 

I do so in the spirit of allowing me and the City to fully focus on the teamwork necessary to addressing the tough issues of school safety/security, housing affordability, homelessness 
and vital services for all Island families.

I want to thank the community who have so vocally supported the City and my vision over the last several years.  

Be assured that I will continue to champion issues of concern to Alamedans in our collective fight to ensure that core needs, values and services are protected amidst unrelenting attack by the federal government, climate change, and the effects of gentrification. 

The Alameda Sun received this statement from Councilmember Jim Oddie last Monday.