O’Hara Takes Ham


Pat O’Hara won the Alameda Women’s Golf Club’s annual Ham Shoot tournament with 49 points last Thursday, April 5, on the Earl Fry Course. She scored four more than Pam Curtis who had 45.

The tournament was played under stableford format. In stableford format a player receives zero points for shooting a double bogie (two-over par), one point for a bogie, two points for par, three points for a birdie and four points for an eagle (two-under par). Each players’ score after all 18 holes is added to their handicap and this is their final score for the contest. Unlike most golf events, the more points a golfer scores the better their rank.

O’Hara won the tournament by scoring 18 points plus her 31 handicap to give her a score of 49. She competed in the fourth flight among golfers with a 31-34 handicap. 

Jean Cho and Louise Eilhardt both posted 41 total points for second place in the flight. Cho won the tiebreaker. Cho and Eilhardt scored nine points with a 32 handicap. Jamie Totsubo (33 handicap, seven points), Janet Kirk (34 handicap, six points) and Janet Rhee (32 handicap and eight points) each scored 40 total points for third place. Totsubo won the tiebreaker.

Val Buschor and Peggy Miller tied atop the first flight — handicap of nine to 21 — with 41 total points apiece. Buchor scored 30 points with her 11 handicap, while Peggy Miller scored 23 points with an 18 handicap. Buschor won the tiebreaker. Sherry Westernoff scored 39 total points with 18 points and a  21 handicap. Maggie Lindquist and Dot Moody tied for fourth place with 41 total points. Lindquist scored 21 points with a 17 handicap, while Moody scored 17 points with a 21 handicap. Lindquist won the tiebreaker.

Judy Eng’s 44 total points put her atop the second flight — handicap of 22 to 27. Eng scored 22 points with a 22 handicap. Yvette Whiteside (27 handicap, 16 points) scored 43 points, and Mary Ellen Tong (25 handicap, 14 points) and Fran Mori (25 handicap and 14 points) tied for fourth place with 39 total points. Tong won the tiebreaker.

Bonnie Kim, Barbara Mickle and Agnes McKinlay each scored 42 points to tie atop the third flight — handicap of 28 to 30. Each golfer scored 12 points and has a 29 handicap. 

Curtis won the fifth flight — handicap of 35 to 40 — with her 45 total points. She scored five points with a 40 handicap. Susan Logan also scored five points, but has a 39 handicap. Her total was 44 points. Connie Wendling posted 43 total points with three points and a 40 handicap. 

Forty-seven golfers participated in the tournament.