November Election Results Update

courtesy photo
courtesy photo -- Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft currently leads the City of Alameda mayoral race, according to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters update

November Election Results Update

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters (ROV) Office released its second update of the November General Election results Thursday, Nov. 10.

Mayoral Race
Incumbent Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft has a comfortable lead in the mayoral race. She has 6,804 (54.57%) total votes. Current City Councilmember Trish Herrera Spencer is second with 4,855 (38.94%) total votes. Barack D. Obama Shaw rounds out the three candidates with 809 (6.49%) total votes.

City Council
Incumbent Tony Daysog and Tracy Jensen lead the race to elect two city councilmembers. Daysog has 6,667 (30.38%) total votes, while Jensen has 4,693 (21.38%) votes.

Paul Beusterien sits in third place in the second update with 3,296 (15.02%) votes, Hannah Groce is fourth with 3,245 (14.79%) and former councilmember Jim Oddie is fifth with 3,222 (14.68%). Bill Pai, who dropped out of the race in September (“(Update) City Council Candidate Suspends Campaign,” Sept. 2) still manage to secure 824 (3.75%) votes.

Alameda Unified School Board
Gary Lym and Ryan Lalonde are poised to join the Alameda Unified School District Board of Education. Lym has 7,572 (39.15%) total votes, while Lalonde 5,366 (27.74%) total votes. The top two vote-getters will be elected to the board.

Leland Traiman has 3,282 (16.97%) votes, while Maria Elena Moreno Van Maren has 3,122 (16.14%) in the ROV’s second update.

Measure E
Measure E has 6,231 (50.72%) “Yes” votes, and 6,055 (49.28%) “No” votes. A simple majority (> 50%) is required for the approval of Measure E.

A “yes” vote supports amending the city charter to increase the salaries of councilmembers to $1,200/year and the salaries of the mayor to $3,600/year and to limit the salaries of councilmembers and mayor to 30% of the average salary in the San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward area.

Measure F
Measure F has 6,922 (55.92%) “Yes” votes and 5,456 (44.08%) “No” votes. A simple majority (> 50%) is required for the approval of Measure F.

A “yes” vote supported increasing the hotel tax from 10% to 14% with revenue dedicated to general services.

Alameda County races

Alameda County Board Supervisor, District 3
Former Alameda Vice Mayor Lena Tam leads her opponent Oakland City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan. Tam has 17,281 (54.95%) total votes, while Kaplan currently sits at 14,167 (45.05%) total votes. Tam leads in every City of Alameda precinct. In the final June 7 Primary Election results, Kaplan won with 41% of the votes. However, because none of the four candidates (Kaplan, Tam, David Kakishiba or Surlene G. Grant) received 50% of the vote, a runoff in the General Election was triggered.

District Attorney
Terry Wiley leads in the District Attorney race with 93,420 (51.52%) votes. Pamela Price has 87,894 (48.48%) total votes. Price accumulated the most votes in the Primary Election with 117,280 (43.23%) votes, while Wiley finished with 73,595 (27.13%) votes.

Other Races

AC Transit At-Large: Joel Young leads with 79,301 (60.74%) votes. Alfred Twu has 51,250 (39.26%).

AC Transit Ward 3: Sarah Syed leads with 19,766 (65.45%) votes. Stewart G. Chen has 10,436 (34.55%) votes.

Governor: Incumbent Gavin Newsom has a comfortable lead with 154,934 (76.27%) votes, while Brian Dahle has 48,192 (23.73%) votes.

U.S. Representative, 12th Congressional District: Incumbent Barbara Lee leads with 82,271 (87.93%) total votes, while Stephen Slauson has 11,292 (12.07%) votes.

So far, the ROV has cast 206,010 total ballots. Currently, 30,611 votes were in person on Election day, while 175,399 came from mail-in votes. The next update will be released on Monday, Nov. 14.

Courtesy photos   Candidates Tony Daysog and Tracy Jensen are the two leading candidates in the City Council race. The top two vote-getters will be elected to the City Council.