Noose Discovered near AHS

Alameda Police Department photo. Officials at Alameda High School found this rope fashioned into a noose near a fence that surrounds school property.

Noose Discovered near AHS

Hate and bigotry have reared their ugly heads yet a third time in Alameda: the broken windows at Temple Israel and anti-Islamic flyers on Sherman Street have now been joined by a noose lying on the sidewalk near a fence at Alameda High School (AHS).

About 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 6, administrators at AHS reported the discovery of a noose near the school property fence. APD Lt. Hoshmand Durani said that when officers arrived they discovered a noose fashioned from a portion of a thin black nylon rope that was being used to attach a privacy screen to the fence.

According to Durani, A portion of the rope roughly four feet long was pulled from the fence, tied into a noose-like knot and left on the ground. 

The school district notified parents less than an hour after the discovery. 

The Alameda Police Department is investigating the noose as a hate crime, Durani said.