Noah Needs Our Help


Doctors recently diagnosed Aywon and Krystal Nguyen’s two-year-old son Noah with a terminal disease called Mucopolysaccharidosis II (MPS 2), also known as Hunter Syndrome. Boys with Hunter Syndrome are often born normally and live happily undetected until physical and neurological problems arise when they are from two to four years old.

These boys then begin to regress physically and mentally. Some may describe it as childhood Alzheimer’s disease. The family has joined the 100 Families Challenge and hopes you can meet the challenge to raise $10,000 by June 30. All money raised will go toward gene therapy research that the Hunter Syndrome community has been funding for several years now. The program is $2.5 million from making this potential “cure” a reality.

The family asks Alameda Sun readers to donate at in honor of Noah Nguyen. All donations are tax deductible.