New Viral Challenge Worries Police Department

New Viral Challenge Worries Police Department

Alameda Police Department (APD) is asking parents to speak to their children about the potential danger of a new viral TikTok challenge making its rounds on the internet.

The trend calls for participants to shoot unsuspecting bystanders with water pellets from airsoft guns. In some cases, the toys are being altered to look real. Over the weekend, APD responded to an incident where a group of teens may have been participating in the viral, ‘Orbeez/Splatter Ball Challenge.’ While the victims in this incident were not seriously injured after being stuck with gel water pellets, the incident caused great concern. If caught, perpetrators can be charged with a misdemeanor like disorderly conduct or with a felony like aggravated assault.

Other law enforcement agencies have seen reports of pellets striking victims in the eyes, causing other injuries, and raising community concerns.

APD is asking parents to have thoughtful conversations with their children about the dangers and possible consequences of participating in viral internet challenges like the ‘Orbeez/Splatter Ball Challenge.’

To learn more about the challenge, visit the APD Facebook page.