New Show to Benefit Elephants

Courtesy photo Sales of reproductions of “Elephant 4” will directly benefit the animals themselves


A new show of artwork by self-taught Alameda artist Cheryl Harawitz opens this Saturday, Oct. 1, with the specific purpose of raising funds to Save Our Elephants, which is also the show’s title. The show opens at Alameda Island Brewing Company, 1716 Park St., from 6 to 9 p.m. 

Harawitz will donate proceeds from sales of her elephant paintings both via the show and her website to the March for Elephants, a global organization dedicated to stopping the sale of ivory and putting elephants back on the endangered species list in all countries. 

According to Harawitz African elephants are poised for extinction within five years if these mass murders for their tusks don’t stop. “Can you believe it? Our world without these magnificent creatures?” said Harawitz. “I just couldn’t get their plight out of my mind, so I started painting them. As they emerged from the canvas, the idea of using the paintings to raise money to save them inspired me to keep going; then a friend Corey Rothermel, suggested I contact March for Elephants.” 

To find out more about the cause and to purchase paintings to help, visit and