New Point Development Comes Before Council

Google Earth    The property in the memorandum of understanding is located southeast of the blue “Oakland Inner Harbor” designation and highlighted in pink on this map.

At its Tuesday, May 1, meeting, the City Council will consider a memorandum of understanding with Carmel Partners. The memorandum covers the renovation and reuse of 146 existing housing units on a property known as Admirals Cove. The site — bounded on the north and south by Singleton and Mosely avenues, respectively — adjoins a 12.3-acre Housing Authority parcel and a two-acre parcel designated for development by Habitat for Humanity. 

Both Habitat for Humanity and the Housing Authority will build new affordable housing units on their respective properties, according to the memorandum. 

Among the obligations in the memorandum, the city will require Carmel Partners to extend both Singleton and Mosely avenues to better accommodate improvements it will make. The partners will build out these streets at its own expense. These extensions will require some demolition work. The city will set aside money to pay for that work.

Carmel Partners will also provide the backbone infrastructure — water, sewer, gas and electricity, along with Americans with Disabilities Act and street light improvements to serve the Housing Authority’s site.

These developments cap what Alameda Point historian Richard Bangert calls “a complicated land disposal process for the area (that) began when the Coast Guard decided not to accept this housing site. Coast Guard personnel had been living in the Navy-owned townhouses until the Coast Guard left in 2005,” Bangert wrote in the Alameda Sun (Point Acres on Sale,” Feb. 21, 2017). 

“It will be especially gratifying to see new housing replace the existing site, which has stood dormant for many years,” the Navy’s Anthony Megliola told Bangert. 

City of Alameda    The land shaded in orange is part of Admirals Cove, housing that Carmel Partners will renovate and sell. Habitat for Humanity will develop the property shaded in blue, while the city’s Housing Authority has plans for the property shaded in pink.