New Poet Laureate Takes up City’s Quill

City of Alameda
Kimi Sugioka will serve as the new Poet Laureate.

New Poet Laureate Takes up City’s Quill

The City Council recently appointed Kimi Sugioka as the Island City’s new Poet Laureate. Sugioka will serve until 2023.

The city will look to her to raise the profile of poetry and creative writing in Alameda through public events and community service activities, particularly with the city’s youth.

The late Mary Rudge served as the city’s first Poet Laureate. Alameda Sun’s first editor, Julia Park Tracey followed Rudge.

For the last three years, Cathy Dana, and Gene Kahane served together as Poet Laureates. Gene Kahane celebrated his tenure with the poem seen below.

Outgoing Poet Laureate Gene Kahane wrote this poem to recall his and Cathy Dana’s tenures as fellow poets laureates

Three years ago in happier times,
I was tasked to work my rhymes,
And serve as one of your laureates,
A role I embraced with no regrets,
Instead I gathered my paper and pen,
And offered verse both now and then,
At ceremonies or in these pages,
Fancying myself one of two sages,
I also snuck poems behind a fence,
Or any place that lured me hence,
Then later I posted around the town,
At libraries and coffee shops of renown,
I know not if my words were read,
But proud I was for what I’d said,
Offering whimsy and clever phrases,
Observations that tickles and pleases,
But now my reign has reached the end,
And to the new poet well wishes I send,
I thank you all for this chance to serve,
Employing words I happily curved,
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