New Group Formed to Discuss Island Traffic

City of Alameda &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp  Members of the newly minted Transportation Management Association recently met to begin efforts to improve traffic in Alameda.

New Group Formed to Discuss Island Traffic


Property owners on the Northern Waterfront and at Alameda Point have joined with the City of Alameda to launch the Alameda Transportation Management Association (TMA). The association is charged with creating more transportation choices in Alameda. 

Not only does the Alameda TMA provide and pay for transportation services in the Northern Waterfront and Alameda Point, it benefits all Alamedans with services that include paying for increased frequency on AC Transit’s Line 19, which runs along the Northern Waterfront area as well as to Webster Street and Oakland.

The association provides a one-stop resource for Alameda employees and residents to find transportation options with a seamless, easy-to-use network of programs that relate to each other, while at the same time recognizes that different neighborhoods have unique characteristics. 

In the future other interested parties or geographic areas within the City will be able to join TMA and help create even more cost efficiencies and streamlined transportation services citywide.

Members of TMA pictured above, left to right, include: Doug Biggs of Alameda Point Collaborative, Michael O’Hara of Tim Lewis Communities, Wayel Fare of Wind River, Erin Fisher of Marina Shores Homeowners Association, Joe Ernst of Alameda Point Partners, and Andrew Thomas of the City of Alameda. Not pictured: Lance Winters of St. George Spirits and Jennifer Ott of City of Alameda.