New Cannabis Venture Blossoms

New Cannabis Venture Blossoms

On Jan. 30, Embarc Alameda quietly opened its doors after years of advocacy and working with local community groups across the island. Local residents John Ngu and Ryan Agabao have been working toward this moment since legalization and are now seeing their dream come to fruition.

“Opening a community driven cannabis dispensary has long been a dream,” said Ngu, owner of Embarc Alameda. “Establishing a values-based approach to cannabis in Alameda has been a goal since the passage of Proposition 64 in 2016, and we’ve been working with organizations on the ground here for years to bring this to life. When the opportunity to partner with Embarc came along, we knew it was the right fit for our community.”

Embarc was created to empower locals to develop a cannabis dispensary experience that is rooted in meaningful connections with customers, employees and communities by being transparent, honest, accountable and inclusive.

“At Embarc, we know that communities want cannabis operators that understand the unique needs and dynamics of a region and who will meaningfully invest in, and integrate into, the community,” said Lauren Carpenter, Embarc Founder. Through this collaboration, as well as through partnership with myriad community groups, stakeholders and local non-profit organizations, we are proud to empower local business owners and community advocates in Alameda.”

Embarc Alameda will work closely with its Community Advisory Board to identify local organizations and non-profits that will receive ongoing community benefits funds as a component of the company’s operations. That means 1% of all sales will be reinvested into the community — a testament to Embarc Alameda’s commitment to local causes.

“We look forward to this new operation in our community, providing significant, ongoing financial and volunteer support for local organizations,” said Linda Asbury, Executive Director of the West Alameda Business Association. “We’re pleased to have a seat on Embarc Alameda’s Community Advisory Board, which will provide a voice for local stakeholders to ensure cannabis is benefitting our community.”

“For years, we’ve envisioned a big community centered Grand Opening event that would be the culmination of our hard work— and that of dozens of groups and local stakeholders that brought Embarc Alameda to life,” said owner Agabao. “While we look forward to one day enjoying that celebration, today we are focused on the safety of our community above all else, so for now, we have reduced store capacity, physical distancing, mandatory masking, enhanced cleaning protocols and more precautions as we get through the end of this current COVID surge. But just because we can’t have a big party today doesn’t mean that we’re not celebrating with our community and honoring the dedication that went into making this happen.”