New Book Bridges Links with Spirit behind Easter

Courtesy photo  Bridges is available in paperback at Amazon Books.

New Book Bridges Links with Spirit behind Easter

The meaning of the Easter legend could be construed as the power of belief in the omnipresence and omnipotence of Spirit to overcome any human condition, including death.

In his new book, Bridges author and mystic J.T Evergreen shows- via an anthology of intriguing short stories — how awareness of the presence of spirit can positively influence and harmonize virtually any situation. He defines that resurrecting, Easter-like process as a “Bridge.”

There are stories of an angelic, mysterious and street-wise Catholic priest; an intuitive, kindly and supernaturally powerful, magical book-shop owner, and the tales of spiritual influence upon the lives of loving couples of all sexual persuasions.

Evergreen’s mystical and metaphysical knowledge has been honed by years of study. He has mastered the works of fellow mystics Joel S. Goldsmith, Emmett Fox, Manley Palmer Hall, Ralph Waldo Trine, George Gurdjieff, and many others. The teachings of these great spiritualists are distributed carefully and lightly through Evergreen’s vivid prose, and never in a preachy or sanctimonious manner. 

Entering his seventh decade of life, Evergreen decided that the best way to share his plethora of mystical revelations was through storytelling. 

To that end, in every copy of Bridges, he includes this poem, which conveys the passion contained in his work:

“These pages under hand
Handle gently as you can
My soul lingers there 
Each word each phrase

Ideas of right and wrong
You will not find therein
A meeting place perchance
Here, take my hand

A mountain of words
Tread lightly if you can
Beware my soul is there 
At hand, at hand”

J.T. Evergreen is a former Alamedan. Contact him at: