New Bike Shop Builds on Tradition

The crew from Westend Joe’s Bike Shop from left to right: master mechanic Dima, owner Grae Wallace, Vivian Young and Cole Cloren take a moment from their busy day.

Grae Wallace is no stranger to the bicycle business. As a youngster he remembers his brother Chris working at Joe’s Bike Shop on Webster Street. The shop, which opened just after World War II, had already been doing business for about 30 years. Chris helped out there assembling bicycles.

After Joe died, the new owners kept the name, but moved the shop to Encinal Avenue near Morton Street. They hired Grae on as a mechanic.

"Working at Joe’s was dream come true," Grae wrote on his website. "When I wasn’t wrenching, I trained for triathlons and worked part time in a pizza parlor on Bay Farm Island."

Then, in 1995, Grae and Chris purchased a bike shop on Bay Farm Island named it, what else, Joes Bike Shop. "We had a great time fixing and selling bikes," Grae remembers. The brothers stayed in business for five years. Grae left Alameda, only to return. He found a storefront at 1000 Central Ave.

He opened Westside Joe’s Bike Shop on May 16 with a festive ribbon cutting. Mayor Trish Spencer was on hand to do the honors. The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day but Tuesday.