New Alameda Health Company Developing Brain Implants

Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp Salam Gabran, PhD, chief scientific officer for Novela Neurotechnologies shows the size of one of his company’s groundbreaking brain implants designed to help with brain health. The implant is also shown below.

New Alameda Health Company Developing Brain Implants

Novela Neurotechnologies, which recently opened its headquarters in Alameda’s Marina Village neighborhood, has developed brain implants to provide solutions in the medical field. The company spun off of research at Waterloo University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, that won a best microsystem design award in 2012. 

Short-term goals for Novela include treatments for brain and nervous-system disorders including: epilepsy, Parkinson’s and depression. 

“Novela’s technology detected a seizure ahead of time in 100 percent of test cases.” said CEO Ray Iskander. “The device will then emit an electric pulse to counteract the seizure in 90 percent of cases.” 

Iskander underlines the fact that electrotherapeutic methods are also associated with minimal side effects compared to prolonged drug use or surgical treatments.

“Novela’s on-demand neurostimulation solution has great potential to help those with neurological disorders that conventional drugs and surgeries fail to treat,” he stated.

Novela Neurotech is a medical technology company dedicated to creating solutions that anticipate, assist and help those affected by neurological conditions, substance abuse or simply need some help to get back on track, mentally.

Novela’s long-term vision is to enhance normal brain functions such as extending memory, brain processing speed, adding built-in cloud connectivity — not unlike being able to search the Internet directly from the brain — and expanding human senses. Iskander estimated his company could reach its long-term goals within the next 10 to 20 years. 

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