Neptune Pointe Mediation Underway

On Feb. 6 The Alamedan’s Michele Ellson reported that "representatives from the city, the East Bay Regional Park District and developer Tim Lewis Communities have agreed to attend mediation in an attempt to end their legal fight over a 3.899-acre property the park district had hoped to obtain to expand Crab Cove."

New America Media’s Jonah Most is now reporting that mediation is under way.

"Mediation has just begun over a disputed nearly four-acre plot of land in Alameda, California that has divided the community and ignited debate about how federal property is sold," Most stated in a story that he filed on Monday.

Most illustrates the complexity of the transaction that sold the property to Lewis by stating that the deal "has created a bizarre legal situation where the federal government is threatening to condemn state property in order to prevent land from going to the East Bay Regional Park District and instead to sell it to a private developer, in order to maximize profit from the sale."