Navy Plans Waste Line Cleanup

The Navy plans to clean up and remove some 400 linear feet of pipeline at Alameda Point. These pipes once carried industrial waste that included luminescent paint used in aircraft dial faces and other instrumentation. The Navy once rinsed these paint wastes that contained radium into sinks whose water carried this contamination into the pipes. 

The project will include digging trenches to remove the pipes and radiologically testing the pipes. Once the contractor removes the pipes, workers will backfill the trenches. 

The cleanup, scheduled to begin as early as next week, will affect traffic along West Tower Avenue near Building 5, as well as on Livingston Street at West Red Line Avenue and at West Midway Avenue.

The contractor will install barricades with flashing lights and other traffic-control measures while the cleanup is underway. The Navy states that it plans to complete the project in August.