My Kingdom for a Hot Tub

My Kingdom for a Hot Tub

“A hot tub would be good therapy for your fibromyalgia,” said the doctor. Armed with permission to treat the purchase as a tax-deductible medical expense, we went off in search of a 
suitable tub. 

We’ve all seen tubs sitting unused in backyards, dust covered, unplugged and forlorn looking. We’ve also all been assaulted by the shouting ads for “Hot Tubs, Hot Tubs, Hot Tubs, Sale of the Century,” etc. that give the industry the patina of the aluminum-siding salesmen of the last century. 

But we did it. We got one, and with the help of my son and daughter-in-law we built a raised concrete platform for it to sit on at the end of our backyard deck. That was three years ago and for the first two years it may have been used once. 

My sweetie’s knee had to be replaced and her recovery from the operation completed before she could even try to climb in and out of the tub safely. But time passed, her knee healed and one evening she said, “Let’s try the tub. I feel like I could really use it tonight.”

Our careful placement of the spa means that we can use it nude with impunity since we are hidden from all surrounding eyes by tall bamboo. We climbed in, gingerly on her part, and settled down in the 104-degree water.

“Ahhh,” she said. “That’s nice.”

I grinned at her. It was nice.

Since that day we have used the tub almost every day. Sometimes in the afternoon when we get to appreciate the flora that surrounds us and the fauna that inhabit it: scrub jays, hummingbirds and the occasional visiting wren. 

Sometimes at night when we can see the stars, we feel at one with the universe. Sometimes the fog is present when we can revel in the contrast between the coolness above and the warmth below.

The tub mostly delivers on the promise of therapeutic relief of aches and pains and the relaxation of lounging in the hot water but it has turned out to have provided a bonus of inestimable worth. We sit in the tub and talk, our watery version of the “conversation pits” of the 1970s, and in the talking and relaxing we find our bonds of intimacy deepening. 

It is such a pleasure to sit together and discuss the day and relish the feelings, that were there no other reason, we have gotten our considerable investment back with very valuable interest.
As a tool for couples to build intimacy and to appreciate the joys of being alive, I highly recommend it.

Note: This is not a paid commercial.


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