Museum Opens Science Room

Courtesy photo “The Pinchime” was designed to ease players into the geometry of the pinball playfield.

Pacific Pinball unveils unique exhibits

In its effort to teach science through pinball, the Pacific Pinball Museum (PPM) recreated a room within its facility to strictly focus on exhibits that allow experimentation in fields of science.

Three new exhibits, hand-crafted in the PPM workshop, made their debut last Friday in the museum. The original creations by PPM Executive Director Michael Schiess and his brother Christian, both Alameda residents, encourage PPM visitors to perform experiments in electricity, physics, and statistics, while teaching principles of electromagnetics, engineering and geometry.

Three more exhibits add to the new room titled "The Conical Slices." This trio of fun Geometry exhibits was designed and built by Dick Falkard, former exhibit designer for the Exploratorium.

"Boy am I excited about this opening," said Michael Schiess. "These exhibits are truly a lot of fun, and educational as well."

The exhibits are designed for use by visitors of all ages, and are included in the regular admission price which includes unlimited pinball play. The exhibits teach using the premise of engaging the visitor interactively with amusement. In "playing" the game, visitors can learn concepts such as probability.

"We’re proud to display this unique aspect of our collection," said PPM Curator Melissa Harmon. "These exhibits show our commitment to educating our visitors while they have an absolute blast playing with them."

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