Most Recent Election Tally

Most Recent Election Tally


The Alameda County Registrar of Voters posted another voter results update of the April 9 special election on Friday, April 12.

This is the third update the Registrar’s office has released since last Tuesday’s election. The new results did not change much and Measure A is still expected to pass, while Measure B will most likely fail. 

Measure A, which supports the Alameda McKay Avenue Parcel Wellness Center Development, now has 11,330 approval votes and 10,183 dissenting votes. “Yes” votes now make up 52.67 percent of the overall votes, while “no” votes account for 47.33 percent of the vote. There was a small decrease in the percentage gap of “yes” and “no” votes from the previous update. In the second update “yes” votes held 52.75 of the voter count (“Latest Count: Measure A Passes, Measure B Does Not,” April 11). Measure A is backed by Alameda Point Collaborative (APC).

The gap between “yes” and “no” votes in Measure B, which supports the Alameda McKay Avenue Parcel Open Space Designation Initiative, also shortened slightly, but is still on course to fail. Currently, the registrar’s office reports that 11,908 Alameda residents voted “no” on Measure B, compared to 9,392 who voted “yes.” Measure B is supported by Friends of Crab Cove.

“No” votes account for 55.91 percent of the total vote, while 44.09 percent voted “yes” on the measure. The percentage also shortened since the last update. The April 11 update saw “no” votes receiving 56.12 percent of the vote, while “yes” votes received 43.88 percent of total votes.

According to the county registrar’s office, their department has 28 days to make the voter results official. That means the official results will be revealed no later than Tuesday, May 7. 

Nonetheless, APC executive director Doug Biggs has expressed his gratitude toward all Alameda residents for Measure A’s expected victory.

“On April 9 you voted with your heart and your mind,” wrote Biggs in a letter the Alameda Sun received. “You decided that Alameda and Alamedans can and should be leaders to guide the way through challenging issues. Most importantly, you opened up a path for frail elderly homeless, homeless in need of medical support and fellow Alamedans who are at risk of losing their housing or recently made homeless to get the services they need.”

Biggs made it a point to thank both Measure A and B supporters.

“To those of you that voted Yes on A and No on B — thank you for caring,” wrote Biggs. “Thank you for taking the time to learn about the project, and for sharing what you learned with your friends and neighbors. To those of you that voted yes on B — Thank you for being an extra voice asking hard questions that ensure this project will be what we have always said it would be: well designed, well run, and a benefit to the community and to the clients we will be serving.”

The passage of Measure A would confirm the City Council’s decision to permit the reuse of the vacant federal buildings on a 3.65-acre parcel on McKay Avenue for the development of APC’s proposed wellness center for senior assisted living and supportive services for homeless individuals. It would change the General Plan designation from “Federal Facilities” to “Office,” and remove the Government Combining District classification. This paves the way for APC to form the wellness center. APC currently leases the McKay Avenue facility from the federal government. The federal government said it would transfer the property over to APC once the general plan designation change is complete.