More Love for Alameda Sun

More Love for Alameda Sun


The outpouring of support for the Alameda Sun based on our recent editorial (“Now is the Time to Support this Unique Source of Alameda News,” Feb. 23) has continued into another week. As a result, the staff at the Sun would like to thank Judy Jacobs, Leslie Hood, Deann Mosbey, James & Marilyn Stonehouse, John Hofmann, Lorraine Tuchsen and William & Stephanie Connolly. We owe a debt of gratitude to Robert & Suan Gavrich, Irene Rakochy, Philip & Patricia Mahoney, Shari Cox, V.T. Wetherill & M.A. Jump, Arthur Shostak & Lynn Seng, Eva Csoboth and Luann DeWitt.  Mary Spear sent in her support along with Kim & Dale Arrivee, J. Cormier & P. Hampton, Estelle Knowland, Steven Amato, David & Diana Aiken and Robert Ashworth, whom we also thank. 

Along with the checks for subscriptions and donations were the following letters.

Dear Alameda Sun:
Please find a check to support, in small part, your newspaper. 
I think Tip O’Neill is associated with the phrase “all politics is local.” In these turbulent times, a local paper is especially important. And where the Trump administration continues its attacks on the press, responsible newspapers all over the country — large and small — become even more critical.
Back to the concept of “local,”  the Alameda Sun was the only newspaper that led to my understanding of the cynical dirty tricks employed to unseat Tony Daysog. 
Please keep up the good work. Fight the good fight.
— Leslie Hood

Dennis & Eric:
The enclosed check is to help you boys keep doing the great job you do. It’s not a lot, but I hope it helps. 
Thank you for your hard work and dedicated service to this community — and for your love of the industry. We should all be thankful for independent newspapers and reporting.
— Judy Jacobs 

Eric & Dennis:
I’m happy to invest in the Sun, and I’m glad you asked.
— John Hofmann