More Appreciation for, from, Subscribers to the Sun

More Appreciation for, from, Subscribers to the Sun


The power of the printed word cannot be denied. Our editorial of two weeks ago, (“Now is the Time to Support this Unique Source of Alameda News,” Feb. 23) made a huge impact in bringing in new subscriptions for the Alameda Sun. The ongoing love and support for this newspaper is truly touching, generous and unexpected. 

This week we want to express our appreciation for Catherine Baker, Shirley & Ronald Goodman, Keith & Anne Nealy, Douglas MacIntosh & Peggy Cecchettini, Alan Ramos and C.T. McGinley III. Roberta Langren sent in a subscription, as did Michael Kelly, Steven & Marjorie Garner, James & Mary Manning, Ashley Jones and Robert & Jerrilyn Kaplan. The Sun says thanks to Donald Kelley & Susan Getman, M. & R. O’Neal, Jim Langowski, Robert & Sydney Lee Howard, Victor & Joan Sonenberg. Dave & J.V. Case helped support this newspaper along with Jackson Shandle & Sherrie Van Tyle, Joan Dykema, Ken & Catherine Cameron, Karin Lucas, Michael & Rachel Wiese, Joyce & David Mercado, Beverly Bajuk, Cary & Cynthia Taylor and Patricia & Robert Baer. Also among the generous subscribers were Rod & Christine Baker, Kenneth & Gerry Thur, Ro Leaphart of Leaphart & Associates, Christina Kotowski and her mom, Marie Kotowski and Nancy Gormley & Elizabeth Gomes. Helen Kuo, James & Jane Burgelin, Donald & Carol Brown, Annette Rossi, Leslie Walsh, Jeffery Basich, Philip & Pamela Luo, Pauline Zazulak and David Allen also provided support. We were also pleased to receive a hand from Robert Rieder, M.E. Cannon and Judy Wagner, Eric & Ann Cross, Bruce Parker, Sally & Stanley Simpson, Loretta Dimitruck and Karen Butter. Thanks are due to James Lee, Paul & Anita Labrenz, Jon & Amy Funabiki, Jody Linick & Christer Haggult, Elwin & Virginia Jang, Katherine Lingley, Roy & Melinda Samuelson, David & Virginia Thompson, George Humphreys, Gabrielle Dolphin & Alan Pryor, Pamela Cowart and Helen Kauth-Pedersen as well. 

Enclosed with the subscription checks were these letters alongside the many comments like “good job” and “keep up the good work.”

Dear sirs:
Since the election I personally disagree with much of your political editorial content and delivery. However, I respect your right to write it. Enclosed find my check. Good luck and best regards,
— Dave Case

Dear Dennis and Eric:
Thank you so much for producing the Alameda Sun. I look forward to reading it each week and always learn a little bit more about the happenings on this little island where I love to live. 
I have also thoroughly enjoyed the many walks you have led around town, sharing your vast knowledge of the history of our town.
Hope that the checks you receive will help with the financial challenges of producing this fine newspaper. 
— Joan Dykema

Thank you for an excellent front page report on the important work of Alameda4Impeachment (“Local Group Seeks to Impeach,” Feb. 23). Our democracy is in peril.
— Ken & Katie Cameron

Dear Eric and Dennis:
We read your paper every week. Thank you very much for your excellent editorial style, your coverage of important Alameda events, and sustaining a local free press in Alameda during a time of corporate news and consolidation of the small local newspapers.
Please add us as annual subscribers. Again, thank you for your excellent reporting.
— Ro Leaphart
Leaphart & Associates

Dennis and Eric:
Thanks for a super local newspaper. It’s worth much more than the enclosed $25. Keep up the good work! 
— Nancy Gormley

Sign me up!
I’ve enjoyed reading your paper and going along on your walks through town. I’ve learned a lot about my adopted home in the 15 years I’ve spent here. 
Thanks for all your hard work and your sense of humor.
— Loretta Dimitruck

Dear Alameda Sun:
A real community newspaper enables a town to be a real community. Thank you.
— Virginia Thompson