Missing Alamedan Faces Bankruptcy Dismissal

Missing Alamedan Faces Bankruptcy Dismissal


John N. Beck II now faces dismissal of his Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. As it does with all people who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court required Beck to attend a mandatory hearing called the meeting of creditors. 

The meeting would have allowed the trustee and Beck’s creditors to ask him questions under oath about his bankruptcy papers and financial affairs. 
When Beck failed to appear at a Feb. 9 meeting of creditors, Judge William Laverty continued the hearing, in effect rescheduling it. Beck has not been seen since Feb. 9 (“Alameda Man Disappears, Feb. 19). 

The court set a second hearing date of March 8. Beck again failed to appear, and the court immediately filed a request to dismiss the case. 

If the courts grant the dismissal Beck’s creditors would be allowed to contact him about the debt owed to them. Beck’s creditors include the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which holds a $113 million judgement against him. 

The FTC filed a complaint against Beck in 2009 accusing him of running a get-rich-quick scheme. The courts found in favor of the FTC in 2012 and handed down the $113 million judgement. Beck then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. He converted the case to Chapter 7 last October.

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