Mediation Course Begins Sept. 4


A new “Introduction to Meditation” class will begin Tuesday, Sept, 4, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Alameda Center for Buddhist Meditation located at 1134-E Ballena Blvd, No. 8. In this 12-week class, students will undertake a graduated course in mindfulness of breathing to develop calm, inner strength and clarity. These can then become a basis for wiser choices. The Samatha method is derived from the Buddhist traditions of Thailand and will be taught by long-time practitioner and teacher Chris Morray-Jones. 

The class is open to all and welcomes anyone regardless of belief or non-belief. There is no requirement that a student be Buddhist or become Buddhist to learn and receive the benefits of Samatha meditation practice. On Sept. 4, the class will include instruction, sitting practice and will conclude with refreshments and informal conversation.

These classes are supported by the Samatha Foundation of North America,

For more information, visit or email: or call Morray-Jones at 459-6741.