Measure B Sales Tax Expenditures in Compliance

The Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC) of the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) recently released its 13th annual report to the public, covering fiscal year 2013-2014 expenditures and CWC activities through June 2015.

The report confirms that Alameda CTC’s audited income and expenditures were in compliance with specific caps.

The report also provides an update on the delivery of voter-approved programs and projects funded by Measure B, Alameda County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements approved by voters in 2000. Each year, the CWC reviews and analyzes Alameda CTC’s Measure B expenditures to help ensure that funds are spent in accordance with the measure passed by Alameda County voters.

The CWC was created in 2002, after reauthorization of the local sales tax measure in 2000, to represent the different perspectives of taxpayers throughout the county and to review all Measure B expenditures on projects.

One of the committee’s responsibilities is to issue an annual report on the sales tax fund expenditures.

The 13th CWC Annual Report is available on the Alameda CTC website.

Hard copies of the report are available by request via e-mail to, via mail to Alameda CTC offices at 1111 Broadway, Suite 800, Oakland, CA 94607, or via telephone to 208-7439.