Alameda News

The fourth annual Alameda Spelling Bee held at Otis Elementary School Feb. 2, saw last year’s third place finisher, Ella Banchieri, take the honor as the Island’s top speller for 2019. She and second-place finisher Elena Morishige dueled through spelling increasingly difficult words. The words in the final showdown included: phenomenon, complexion, propinquity, ricochet, tumultuous, surveillance, aggregation (which both spellers misspelled), catastrophe, circumference, dementia and finally, scrumptious.

Alameda’s Ballena Bay Yacht Club (BBYC) held an appreciation event Jan. 22 for more than 250 local U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) members who served without pay due to the government shutdown. An all-volunteer, non-profit organization, BBYC expected 250 to 300 active-duty members and USCG retirees, furloughed contractors and their families to attend. 

Last Monday, the Planning Board held a public hearing  to consider the revised plans for the construction of a four-story, 96-room Holiday Inn Express at 1825 Park St., on the southwest corner of Park Street and Clement Avenue. The site once housed the Ron Goode Toyota dealership, which changed hands and moved to Oakland in 2008. Scooter Importer currently occupies the site. 

Novela Neurotechnologies, which recently opened its headquarters in Alameda’s Marina Village neighborhood, has developed brain implants to provide solutions in the medical field. The company spun off of research at Waterloo University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, that won a best microsystem design award in 2012. 

Short-term goals for Novela include treatments for brain and nervous-system disorders including: epilepsy, Parkinson’s and depression.