Mayor Volunteers to ‘March for Meals’

Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp  Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, center, and Alameda County Meals on Wheels Board Member Dave Neumann, right, delivered a delicious meal and spent time with Grace, an Alameda resident, in celebration of Meals on Wheels’ 46th anniversary.

Mayor Volunteers to ‘March for Meals’

Last month’s event “March for Meals” recognized federal legislation signed in March 1972 that helped create Meals on Wheels America programs nationwide. Alameda Meals on Wheels began in 1973 and has served hot, nourishing meals to homebound Alameda residents 365 days a year ever since. 

In celebration of March for Meals 2019, Alameda Meals on Wheels invited Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Alameda County Meals on Wheels Board Member Dave Neumann to help out. 

Ashcraft volunteered with Neumann on March 22 to deliver meals to, and visit with, recipients in Alameda. According to Alameda Meals on Wheels Executive Director Rosemary Reilly, Ashcraft is no stranger to volunteering with the program.

“Marilyn volunteered with us for about five years when her twins were young,” Reilly said. “It was very important to her for them to learn about community service.”

The recipients were thrilled to visit with the mayor. 

“It is kind of exciting to have the mayor deliver your meal,” said Reilly.

Volunteers are welcome to join Meals on Wheels throughout the year. Call 865-6131 or visit to find out more.