Mayor Names Four 2018 Grand Marshals

The mayor has chosen four pillars of the Alameda community to serve as the Fourth of July Parade’s Grand Marshals. To be selected for this role is a great honor. The Grand Marshals appear in the parade immediately following the mayor at entry number 3A. The Alameda Sun salutes Alameda’s 2018 Grand Marshals: Mas Takano, Pauline Kelley, Duane Watson and Gordon Ma.

Mas Takano
Mas Takano was born and raised in Alameda, with the exception of the World War II years, when the Japanese were incarcerated in various concentration camps located throughout the United States. Takano, his parents and two sisters were evacuated from Alameda in February 1942 and were eventually relocated to the Amache camp in southeast Colorado.

After the war, Takano returned to Alameda, finished his education and eventually retired from Hawaiian Airlines as vice president of sales.

He still calls Alameda his home; remains active in the community; and is a past president and board member for the Buddhist Temple of Alameda. His three children are graduates of the Alameda and University of California education systems, live in the Bay Area, but still call Alameda home.

Pauline Kelley
After more than 60 years in business at 1427 Park St., Alameda resident and icon Eunice “Pauline” Kelley closed up her shop, Pauline’s Antiques, and retired earlier this year. Patrons were known to frequent the store on a regular basis to chat with neighbors and soak in the friendly, historic atmosphere. 

In 1942, Pauline and her sister, Bernice, came to Alameda with their family. They attended Porter School and Alameda High School. Pauline married Bob Kelley and had five children, all of whom attended Alameda schools. 

In 1965 the couple opened Pauline’s Antiques in Alameda, selling antiques, collectables and more. Pauline spent between 20 and 30 years as a board member of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, Park Street Business Association and the Fourth of July Parade Committee. She also served as president and all officers of the Soroptomist International of Alameda which helps empower women and girls.

“I have enjoyed the 63 years and all of the people I’ve met,” said Pauline. “I’m semi-retired now, but a good thing is hard to give up. I’ll still have the same cell number; give me a call and I’ll help as I have always done.”

Duane Watson
After 60 years in the same location, the World Famous Lee Auto Supply at 1525 Park St. has closed. When Duane Watson took over the business from his father in 1986, it was not only with a passion for cars but also a passion for the customers and the business community.

Watson has been a positive force in Downtown Alameda over the years and received the Downtown Alameda Business Association’s (DABA) 2017 Member of the Year award and the 2016 President’s Award. As examples of the many ways he has contributed to the success of the downtown district, Watson served on the board of DABA for 24 years and has delighted thousands of Alameda children by playing Santa during the holiday season.

Watson is perhaps most well-known for the Classic Car Show he created for Park Street. Watson presided over the car show committee for 24 years. This year’s car show has been set for Saturday, Oct. 13.

“It has been a great run. We thank you all for the support and the great friends we’ve made over the years,” said Watson.

Gordon Ma
Gordon Ma arrived in the United States from Hong Kong in 1983 and settled on the Island of Alameda. Ma is a professional photographer for both local and Bay Area News groups. 
Ma is an important member of the Bay Farm Island community. He advocates for the Asian community to get involved in local activities that affect the Island City.  

After retirement, he has dedicated his time in supporting local businesses as well as the community on the Island to merge the once isolated Asian community into the mainstream creating political, cultural, economic and educational change.

Over the years Ma has received many honors from public officials recognizing his photography including: San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Gov. Pete Wilson.


Pauline Kelley
Duane Watson
Gordon Ma