Marina Demolition Under Study

On April 4, the city’s Historical Advisory Board (HAB) held a public hearing to consider a certificate of approval to allow Pacific Shops, Inc. to demolish 24 buildings “within the Alameda Marina Historic District.” According to the city, the demolition work would “meet the objectives of the Alameda Marina Master Plan.” 

Pacific Shops, Inc. would install interpretive signage and institute a history walk program as a component of the mitigation measures that the environmental impact report requires should the demolition proceed. “No further environmental review is required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to proceed with demolishing these buildings,” the city states. 

In 2017 HAB designated 17 buildings at the Marina as contributing buildings and features to the Alameda Marina Historic District. Pacific Shops, Inc. is asking to demolish all but six of these. 

Three of the seven commercial buildings on the site have been determined to be individually eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. None of these are scheduled for demolition.