Make a Shelter Pet in Need Your Valentine this year

Nancy Baglietto

Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) kicked off Valentine’s Day early on Sunday, Feb. 1 when one very special dog named Zero met his new family for the first time. Now one might think that with a name like Zero, he did not have much of a chance, but actually he was named in honor of Jack Skellington’s beloved dog in the movie Nightmare Before Christmas because he came to FAAS right before the holidays.

When he first came to the shelter, many expressed interest in adopting him, but soon after, it was discovered that one-year-old Zero had a non-operable heart condition that challenged his strength and energy. The diagnosis did not stop Zero from "working the kennel" as each prospective family walked by. He had hope and spirit and was ready for greener pastures.

Unlike some dogs at FAAS, however, Zero was not the type to sound the alarm bells and wave his white flag. His style was more subtle although nonetheless effective. His beautiful, droopy eyes would gaze sadly but sweetly upon passersby. And then, just as they neared, he would tilt his head ever so gently to the side as if to say "please take me home" to seal the deal. The deal was eventually sealed Feb. 1 when Zero was adopted, and his Valentine’s Day dream came true. He found not just a home but a family to love him.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, all pet adoptions at the Alameda Animal Shelter are 50 percent off through the month of February. If you cannot adopt right now but want to make a difference, you can help our abandoned pets like Zero with a tax-deductible donation to make sure that the animals in Alameda’s shelter get the very best care they so deserve.

Together we can change lives for the better. To view the adoptable animals at the Alameda Animal Shelter and learn more about FAAS, visit www.alamedaanimal, or stop by for a visit at 1590 Fortmann Way in Alameda.

Successful Yard Sale Held

FAAS held its fourth annual Yard Sale at Urban Island Home Furnishings on Saturday, Jan. 31, raising a record $1,245 in five hours!

The event was well attended as a result of Craigslist and newspaper advertising, e-blasts and word of mouth around town. Not surprisingly, when the doors opened, there was already a line waiting to purchase many items including jewelry, household goods, artwork, books and the famous fashion designer dog clothes. FAAS is grateful to Urban Island Home Furnishings for allowing us to use its parking lot this year to bring our many donated items to the location.

FAAS 2015 Calendar Sold Out

Thanks to steadfast supporters and local business partners including: Urban Island Home Furnishings, Golfworks, Under One Woof, Park Centre Animal Hospital and Gina Adamson at Harbor Bay Realty, FAAS is happy to announce that our 2015 calendars featuring local animals are sold out.

But other items are available that will make great gifts for Valentine’s Day. Give the gift of love in support of FAAS by purchasing a ball cap and/or reusable shopping bag for that special someone. Stop on by the shelter to pick up your gift items.

Help Jump Start the "FAASmobile"

Thanks to a generous $10,000 grant from Petco, FAAS is poised to purchase a Dodge Super Caravan to help transport animals to and from medical appointments, mobile pet adoptions and other events as needed.

The current FAASmobile is no longer in serviceable condition. This leaves FAAS with a void in its optimal service delivery. FAAS is asking for additional assistance to help bridge the funding gap so that this important vehicle can be obtained as soon as possible. Anyone interested in helping to support this effort can make donations directly on FAAS’s website or by calling Kim at 337-8572. Please note "vehicle donation" when making a gift so that your contribution is appropriately recognized.

Foster Parents Needed

FAAS is looking for foster families to take underage kittens into their homes and provide them with tender loving care until they are old enough to be adopted into their permanent homes.

FAAS takes in abandoned kittens of all ages and they need to be fostered until they are eight weeks or older. At that time, they can be spayed/neutered and are ready for adoption.

FAAS provides the food, formula, litter and pays for all medical care while kittens are being fostered. Foster families are asked to provide a warm and safe space for kittens, away from other pets in the home.

In 2014, more than 250 kittens were fostered and placed into new loving homes thanks to the help of our fantastic foster families.

Nancy Baglietto is the new executive director of FAAS. She can be reached at