Main Library Displays Good Earth Artworks

Courtesy photo. This owl on a tray is just one of the pieces of art by Jon Kerpel currently on display at the Main Library.

Alameda artist Jon Kerpel is exhibiting his assemblages at the Alameda Free Library through Saturday, June 28, on the second floor of the Main Library, 1550 Oak St. This is the first in a series of shows of Kerpel’s artworks entitled The Good Earth Project. Kerpel is a utopian environmentalist at heart, believing that all the earth’s creatures play an important role in the web of life.

The assemblages on view were originally started as a series called Food Trays. Kerpel created each on some kind of a serving tray or platter in order to evoke the questions like; “What are animals and other creatures to us?” and “What is their importance at this time in history?”