Lunchbox Opens Up

Courtesy photo  Guests and waxologists at Lunchbox sign a “rally ball” to share their support of the Warriors’ “smooth moves.” Left to right are local waxologists Yumaya, Gloria, Tashawna and Jessica.

Lunchbox Opens Up


LunchBOX (a waxing salon), known for its speed-waxing, expertly trained waxologists, chic vibe recently opened in the new Alameda Landing Shopping Center. You may have noticed the emotive logo or their tag line that happily encourages all to “Bare Your Beauty.” LunchBOX is the perfect place for women — and men — to get rid of unwanted hair. LunchBOX offers a full menu of waxing services, from brows to toes, chins to chests, a little or a lot. Their culture and vibe is contagious and their intent is “To make every person we meet feel respected, cared for and adored.”

The modern salon looks sleek and fun with pops of pink and grey, a signature scent and very cool music. Walking into the salon, feels like you are transported into a high-end spa. It smells great and is super clean. The waxologists — LunchBOX’s fun name for their trained estheticians, greet you warmly and make you feel welcomed. Their special wax made with purified pine resin and natural beeswax is designed to be gentler and really get the hair at the root. Those of you who have had waxing services before know how important it is to keep the experience fast, comfortable and precise. From beginning to end they offer exceptional service and an experience most guests find more comfortable than traditional waxing techniques. 

Oakland mom and founder of Urban Beauty Network, Rita Owens agrees. She recently blogged “Over the years my brows have taken a serious beating! From threading, to wax jobs at nail salons, to high-end makeup counters, I’ve tried them all! However, in all my years of trial and error have I yet to find anyone as skilled, professional and affordable as the waxologists at LunchBOX.” 

This is owners, Nicky Lecher and Peter Lane, second salon, the first being just over the hill in Dublin. They believe “The first impression of LunchBOX is always positive and powerful. It’s engaging. Our expertly trained waxologists are empowered to create a positive and personal guest experience and have a desire to connect with everyone who comes in. We are thrilled to be a part of the dynamic and vibrant Alameda community and are grateful for the local support we have received. It is important to us that we build relationships with our community and delighted honored and humbled (and busy!) by the opportunities we have been given!” 

Book your appointments on-line or download LunchBOX’s app. Prices for the services are fair, including a new “Unlimited Waxing” program for their most popular services and rewards programs for all their guests. 

Alameda LunchBOX is located at Alameda Landing, 2650 Fifth St., Suite F. Call 262-1850 or log onto