Low-Income AMP Customers May Be Eligible for New Benefit

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is launching a new energy-savings program for qualifying low-income customers. The program aims to cut greenhouse-gas emissions and lower participants’ electric bills. At its regular meeting on May 20, the city’s Public Utilities Board approved the program, which includes installation of energy-saving upgrades at eligible customers’ homes.

Under the program, customers currently enrolled in AMP’s Energy Assistance Program will qualify to receive free upgrades at their homes, including whole-house weatherization, efficient LED lighting, advanced power strips and refrigerator replacement. AMP estimates that the program will save more than 660,000 kilowatt hours of energy, which is the same as avoiding emissions from 99 cars driven for one year.

“AMP is excited to launch this energy-saving program which simultaneously benefits our low-income customers and the environment,” said AMP’s General Manager Nicolas Procos. “The program will make a real difference for customers who are struggling to make ends meet.”

A key focus of the 18-month program is customer education. Compared to other customers, AMP’s low-income customers typically spend a higher percentage of their incomes on their energy bills and live in older homes with less-efficient appliances. Energy-saving programs targeted toward low-income households can help address affordability by providing lighting and appliance upgrades and energy education, resulting in lower energy use at home and lower electric bills.

The program will be funded by prior short-term sales of some of AMP’s renewable energy credits. The Public Utilities Board designates these funds solely for projects that reduce greenhouse-gas emissions associated with electricity use in Alameda.