A Lord of a Ring in a Suitcase

Nandini Sharma -- Actors from the Peripatetic Players perform their two-part A Lord of a Ring in a Suitcase play in front of an audience at Franklin Park on July 24.

A Lord of a Ring in a Suitcase

On Sunday, July 24, the Peripatetic Players presented their show A Lord of a Ring in a Suitcase at Franklin Park.

As indicated by their introduction, their goal was to present a comedic spin on the classic fantasy trilogy Lord of the Rings. The actors combined to perform more than 50 characters out of costume changes and using props from suitcases in the two-part play. This made the play entirely unique, as it gave the viewers a window into the effort that goes into putting together a show, as well as how characters come to life through the eyes of the actors. They also included the stage manager as an interactive part of the show.

The show itself was full of comedy and tragedy. The actors interacted with the audiences by speaking with them directly, and even entering the stage from the audience. The “special effects” included reactions from the audiences through cue cards and elaborate props for Gandalf’s staff and setting atmospheres.

“You’ve been evil this whole time?!”

The actors’ voices were reminiscent of the dialogues used in the movies, but their comedic tones made it even more memorable. The Harry Potter references also gave their performance extra magic that showed how truly immersive their passion for the fantasy story was.

This not-to-be-missed performance will bring delight to residents of all ages that go to watch. The strength and skill of all actors deserves a large round of applause!

The two-part play began with part one at 11 a.m. and part two at 2 p.m. Part one features the story of The Fellowship of the Ring, while part two will features the stories of The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

The performance at Franklin Park, 1432 San Antonio Ave., was the Peripatetic Players second performance in Alameda. They performed at Lincoln Park on July 17. The players’ A Lord of a Ring in a Suitcase Summer 2022 tour will conclude with performances at Dimond Park in Oakland on Saturday, July 30 and Live Oak Park in Berkeley on Sunday, July 31. All shows are free.