Locals to Present at NFL Game

Two Alamedans will participate in the "presenting the colors" ceremony at the San Francisco 49er home game this Sunday, Nov. 2.

Duane Blackwell and Chester R. Bartalini, Jr. will be two of the five presenters at the game at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara. They will present alongside George Rodgers, Ryan Renard and Don Marden. Rodgers, Renard and Marden will be the flag bearers, while Blackwell and Bartalini will be the lead and trail sentries, respectively.

During the presentation, the men stand on the field next to one another holding the three flags, two of which are of the United States of America and the state of California. They position the American flag on the far right. The one carrying the American flag walks to the center of the stage and turns toward the audience and they recite the "pledge of allegiance."