Local Student to Perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC

Isabelle Brown-Lyden

Local Student to Perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC


A ninth-grade student at Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC), and cellist, Isabelle Brown-Lyden, will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York on Saturday, Nov. 26. Isabelle has performed the cello twice at Carnegie Hall with third- and second-place finishes in the international competition, American Protégé.

This year Isabelle again came in second in the American Protégé competition and will perform at Carnegie Hall for the third time. She will play solo on a beautiful old Italian instrument loaned to her from Reed Yoboah Fine Violins in New York City.

“Isabelle is a remarkable cellist,” said David Hoopes, lead facilitator at ACLC. “She is a tremendously strong learner and very well rounded. She is the embodiment of the learner-lead atmosphere that ACLC fosters.”

Last year she placed second in the Alexander and Buono International Strings Competition. She was the only middle-school cellist to place in that competition. Isabelle’s musical accomplishments also include performing in a competition at Merkin Concert Hall in Lincoln Center where she won honorable mention. 

Isabelle has played cello for more than 10 years — since the age of four. Her mother Marcie Brown, also a cellist, is one of her teachers. Isabelle takes additional  instruction in Oakland from Andy Luchansky, the cello teacher at Sacramento State University and she is currently playing with the Berkeley Youth Orchestra. 

Following her audition this year, she was placed in first chair — an accomplishment for a ninth-grader in an orchestral group that has musicians through the 12th grade. Isabelle will perform a solo with this orchestra on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 2 p.m. 

Outside ACLC and school work, when she is not playing the cello, she is busy playing tennis. She is also a fashion designer and seamstress. Isabelle has a Goldendoodle named Biscuit that she adores.