Local Power Company: Prepare for Potential Outages Here, Too

Local Power Company: Prepare for Potential Outages Here, Too

The state of California is taking unprecedented measures to protect all California residents and businesses from the risk of wildfire. Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) planned power outages to reduce the risk of wildfire may have broader implications on the electric grid. While Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) does not expect to have planned power shutdowns at this time, it uses PG&E’s transmission system and could potentially be impacted. 

PG&E has not finalized the details of how its planned shutdowns could impact AMP and other community-owned electric utilities. AMP will continue to discuss with PG&E the potential impacts to Alameda and will post any information on impacts on www.
alamedamp.com and on AMP’s social media pages. 

In the meantime, AMP encourages Alameda residents to prepare for emergencies.

What to do before an outage
• Plan for any medical needs like medications that need refrigeration or devices that require power. If dependent on electric or battery-dependent medical technologies such as breathing machines, a power wheelchair or scooter and home oxygen or dialysis, it is critical to have a plan in place for an extended power outage. Contact AMP to inform its staff of any medical needs.
• Keep emergency, family and other important phone numbers accessible in hard copy
• Build or restock an emergency kit with flashlights, fresh batteries, first-aid supplies, cash and food that will last for up to five days.
• Identify backup charging methods for phones and other electronic devices
• Know how to manually open any garage doors

What to do during an outage
• Switch off all appliances, but leave one light on to know when power has been restored.
• Unplug sensitive equipment such as computers.
• Use a battery-powered radio and listen to local radio for updates.
• Make sure flashlights and fresh batteries are available. 
• Avoid opening the refrigerator, to keep food fresh longer.

AMP is a department of the City of Alameda that has served Alameda residents and businesses for 132 years. AMP provides power to more than 34,000 customers at rates that average 17 percent below neighboring communities.